Now that things have started to settle down, we have decided we have fulfilled our duty to help flatten the curve of the COVID-19 spread!

We will be re-opening the shop with new regulations to help keep everyone safe for the next couple of months while Australia does its best to practice social distancing and continue to control the spread.

Important Note: If you already had a haircut booked in before the pandemic for the 14th of May or any day after the 14th, your appointment will still stand. We suggest paying close attention to the reminder email and text message you will receive, as the booking time may have been shifted and could be different to what you have written in a calendar!

New shop guidelines

Please take a moment to carefully read our new shop guidelines so that when you come back for your long overdue haircut, you will know what to expect.

Please don’t be afraid of these new rules, they are simply there to make sure we are doing everything we can to keep you safe!

1. Wash your Hands please

All customers must wash their hands upon entering the store. 

2. come on your own

We request that all customers come alone, without their kids*, without partners and without friends. No groups please!

3. Don't Come Early, or late

Please be on time. This also means not early. We want to limit the amount of people in the shop at any one time. If you find yourself here early, please wait outside or in your car.

4. Got Symptoms? No service

If you’re showing any kind of cold/flu like symptoms we urge you to cancel and reschedule your appointment. Our business relies on the good health of our team.

5. No face work (for now)

We will temporarily be taking beard trims and wet shaves off our list of services. If this is usually the service you book, feel free to get in touch via email for more information.

6. Contactless Payments PReferred

We are still accepting cash but we would much prefer EFTPOS / Credit Card / PayPass for everyone’s safety.

7. restricted Future Bookings

For now, we wont be taking more than one future booking at a time, this means you can not book six months worth of appointments. This rule is temporary, we promise.

8. our stuff is safe to buy!

If you need to stop by to purchase product, don’t be afraid, you can come in and someone will help you out. 

* If you need to bring your children with you or can not organise a sitter, you can bring them but please be aware that we are still doing our best to practice social distancing and there will be limited waiting space in the shop.

Making bookings

When making an appointment online, you may notice we have limited space available.

There are two reasons for this: appointment times have been stretched to allow time for sanitising our station, and because we are going to try to operate with only two chairs (occasionally three) at a time. This will be to control the number of people entering the store on a daily basis. Please do your best to book your appointment with the stylist who regularly looks after you.

If you’d like to go on our cancellation list we will be operating a daily list, this means you can call on the morning of the day you would like and put your name and number down. This way we can make sure that it’s fair for everyone who has missed out on a date they desired.

You are all legends – Thank you!

To everyone that reached out in support or offered to pay in advance or simply understood the difficult position COVID-19 has put our profession in, thank you! All of your patience through this time has made our jobs much easier! The past 6 weeks have been weird, emotional and somewhat rejuvenating. The whole team can’t wait to see you all. Especially Brando.


We want to be welcoming to all walks of life and pride ourselves on being a gender-neutral safe place for everyone including all our friends in the LGBTQIA+ community. We work in 15 minute time slots so our appointments are all governed by how much time we will need and are priced to match. Please take the time to make sure you are booking for the correct service. 


Barber's cut

Whether you wanna call it a taper or a fade this will have you covered. Includes clippers on the sides and back, scissors on top and razor work on the edges with a hot towel to finish.

$55 – 30mins

Barber’s Cut (Long)

For shaggy long hair or mullets with no wash or blowdry. Perfect for people looking for a minimal fuss longer styled hairdo but in need of a little attention. Not suitable for long bobs or salon style hairdressing.

$55 – 30mins

Barber's Cut + Wash

For everyone needing either of the two above services but wanting to leave less itchy and more fresh!

$65 – 45mins

Haircut for kids (12 & Under)

We cut all kids hair. This price is for kids 12 years old and younger. Teenagers will fall under the category of a full haircut.

$40 – 30mins

Short/MEdium cut + Wash/Blow-dry

Perfect for all short to medium styles both structured or messy that need more attention to weight being taken out to give extra style, shape and movement to your cut. Includes wash and blow-dry!

$95 – 1hour

long cut + Wash/Blow-dry

Any style – layered or not. All lengths from the chin to below the shoulder blades.

Includes a wash and blow dry so you leave feeling renewed.

$95 – 1hour

long cut with Style/set

Same as above (cut, wash and blow-dry) except this gives your stylist extra time for styling. Whether it is soft waves or a perfectly defined vintage set – this will have you covered!

$140~$165 – 1hour 15mins

Hair-Up / Event Style

Whether it is soft waves or a perfectly defined vintage set – this will have you covered!

$100 – 1hour

Head Shave with Clippers

Clipper work all over either with a tapered edge or without. Finished off with a straight blade at the nape and hot towel.

$30 – 15mins

Wet Shave (full face or head)

Full shave service with cut-throat razor. Our shaves are a 30 minute treatment designed for relaxation. Service involves pre-shave cream, three hot towels, a shave with the grain and a shave beside the grain. All finished with varied moisturisers and skin oils. Primo.

$55 – 30mins

Beard Trim

Hand shaped and styled using both scissors and clippers to your desired length and shape, includes a hot towel straight blade shave on the neckline and cheeks. Finished off with Triumph & Disaster moisturiser and our very own T&N beard oil.

(If you would prefer clippers rather then a razor shave, just let us know.)

$30 – 15mins

Fringe Trim

Please book in with the person who has been taking care of your hair if possible and come with washed and dried hair.

$20 – 15mins

Colour Services

Tint Retouch

$90 – 1 hour

Tint Medium Hair

$100 – 1hour

Tint Long Hair

$120 – 1hour

1/4 Head Highlights

$120 – 1hour

1/2 Head Highlights

$140 – 1hour

Full Head Highlights

$160 – 2hours

Scalp Bleach

$160 – 2hours


$35 – 30mins

Balayage 1/2 Head

$120 – 1hour30mins

Balayage Full Head

$190 – 2hours30mins

Please note every colour service requires a blow dry. Please select one of the following.

Blow Dry (Styled)

$60-70 – 1hour

Blow Dry (Unstyled)

$30 – 30mins

If you are unsure what category your appointment should fall under, just give us a call on 02 9516 5213 and we can chat it out. Cheers!



Connor Keighran

Thursday to Sunday

Alyce Rollason

Monday to Friday

Chris Lawrence

Saturday to Wednesday

Brendan Dafter

Tuesday to Saturday


It’s a dog’s life!

make a booking

Please make sure that you tick every item that you will require within your appointment in step one below.

For example, be sure to select your length haircut plus a beard trim at the same time when booking.

Doing this will avoid any chance of disappointment on the day as we may not have time to accommodate your request if it is not booked in advance!

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